Pictures VII





October 2017 Meeting – September Meeting cancelled due to Hurricane Irma


Honey Baked Ham Entree

Ahh! Dessert

Entertainment, Space Coast Highlanders

Rapt attention…

Enjoy the show.

Bagpipe info given.

Rousing duet.























November 2017 meeting

Debbie & Fran: Veterans Day

All dressed up!







A table of fun!

Turkey for Thanksgiving

The Dickens Carolers

Merry Christmas!

















December 2017 Meeting


Brevard Scottish Country Dancers

Audience participation!












January 2018 meeting, Burns Celebration

Festive finery

A celebration…

Enjoyable evening…

The Stepping Stones







Piper Dave Spurlock

Ah, the haggis!

To the Lassies!

Janice, grand prize winner

















Central Florida Highland Games, January 2018


Crowded walkway…















February 2018 meeting – Scottish auction

Grilled Salmon!

Salads, sides

More food!

Claire’s cake

To keep the peace

Small prizes also!

A real doorstopper!

Books to read…

Even a kilt auctioned…




























March 2018 meeting

Songs by Rosemary

More Celtic music

Corned beef

Green desserts!




















April 2018 meeting




WOW, food!


Bob Lusk






















Installation meeting, May 2018