Scots-American Society of Brevard

The purpose of the Scots-American Society of Brevard is to promote, perpetuate, and encourage the recognition and observance of Scottish and Celtic heritage and traditions in the Brevard County, FL area.   The Society accomplishes this by making available educational and entertainment-type programs.  Our Society is 43 years old and a fixture on the culture scene. Meetings are held  each month (September-April). For information on meetings, their timing and location, see the ‘newsletter’ page.   Should you wish to attend a meeting, please contact us at least three days before the meeting via the email listed on the ‘contact’ page.  DO NOT USE THE ‘LEAVE A REPLY’ below – it brings mostly spam and your message may be lost.  The newsletter and calendar pages will contain additional information.

 Membership in the Society is open to persons of Scottish/Celtic descent or anyone who is interested in preserving & furthering Scottish heritage and traditions.  Please see the ‘application for membership’ page.  

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